Everyday Air Mobility. Fueled By Hydrogen. Powered By Simplicity.

Skai is a radically simple air mobility system designed to go from A to Anywhere. It is the first hydrogen powered eVTOL vehicle and service. Skai uses an energy source that’s truly clean from end to end. It eliminates complexity for the most reliable and safe solution. Skai provides everyday transportation that is accessible to everyone.

Skai is a pioneer in the air mobility sector based in Hopkinton, MA. Their vision is to make air mobility an everyday option for millions of people while minimizing the environmental impact.

The Skai hydrogen fuel-cell powered air mobility system is the realization of these ambitions, directly addressing today’s transportation challenges and its impact on people and the planet. Skai’s point-to-any point travel delivers broad benefits: from reducing commuting time and stress to low carbon-footprint cargo services; from rapid-response disaster relief to air-medical services.

Founded in 2006, Skai’s key advantage has always been its people, who bring decades of experience to bear. Core team members have served in top-level positions at NASA, Raytheon, and Beechcraft. Through their efforts, Skai aims to make a meaningful contribution to improving transportation for all.