Fueled by Hydrogen.

Powered by Simplicity.

Skai is a radically simple air mobility system designed to go from A to Anywhere. It eliminates complexity for an unparalleled level of reliability and safety. It uses hydrogen fuel cells, to provide an energy solution that’s truly clean from end to end.

Only simplicity can solve today’s most complex challenges, to create practical transportation for all. A powerful solution that is SIMPLE, SAFE and CLEAN.

Simplicity is the Solution.

We believe that simplicity is smart engineering. It's a deeply rational process that leads to the best solutions. A good example is Skai's advanced, simple design. It can be produced efficiently and in large numbers, making Skai more affordable for everyone. Which makes the benefits increase as well, reducing traffic and pollution, and improving our quality of life. All through the power of simplicity.

Simplicity = Safety

Safety is not a belief system or a feature. It’s the result of purposeful design. Our simple approach creates the safest possible outcomes. It removes potential points of failure, while both optimizing and backing up critical components. The result is reliable, fault-tolerant engineering. In other words, a system that is fundamentally safe.


A point of view from Daniel Goldin, former NASA-Administrator.

Clean from End-to-End.

Hydrogen is the cleanest overall energy solution. Offering the lowest environmental footprint of any fuel on the planet. Skai's hydrogen fuel cells can be 95% reused, and the remaining 5% can be 99% recycled. It’s part of an ecologically positive life cycle that gets closer to zero impact with every generation. And its only emission is pure water.


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